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- Diversen -

JBL Urei 6260 eindversterker. (2 beschikbaar)

gepubliceerd op 17 februari 2021

1968 keer bekeken

- Verkocht -

JBL Urei 6260 eindversterker.

Passieve koeling, dus geen geluid van draaiende ventilatoren, ideaal voor thuis of in de studio.

In erg goede staat.

THX versterker.


JBL power amplifiers have been designed to meet the most critical professional sound requirements. They are rugged and road-worthy, conservatively rated, and can handle highly reactive loads with ease. The engineering design approach stresses the optimization of each stage, allowing high slew rate and relatively low loop gain. Overall feedback has been held to a minimum and is employed only to stabilize the gain and the operating point. This design approach results in amplifiers with excellent performance under the most demanding dynamic input and load conditions. 


Active, balanced bridging input circuitry

Full complementary driver and output circuitry

Low transient intermodulation distortion (TIM)

Rugged, road-worthy construction

Individual stepped gain controls

XL-type, phone jack, and barrier strip input connectors

Heavy duty 5-way output binding posts

Rear panel switch for bridged, dual mono, or stereo operation

approved by Lucasfilm for THX@ installations.